Premio a la Contribución Distinguida al Derecho del Trabajo 2015 de la LLRN

Publicado el 28/07/14 a las 11:20h
Dear Colleagues,

The Labour Law Research Network acknowledges exceptional life-time contributions to labour law scholarship by bestowing the LLRN Award for Distinguished Contributions to Labour Law. In the inaugural conference held in 2013 in Barcelona, in which more than 330 labour law scholars from all over the world participated, the LLRN Award was presented to Harry Arthurs and Bob Hepple.

We are now starting the process of choosing the next recipients of the Award, to be presented at the second LLRN conference in Amsterdam (June 25-27, 2015). The LLRN Steering Committee has nominated an Award Nominations Committee, whose members are Takashi Araki (Tokyo), Paul Benjamin (Johannesburg), Cindy Estlund (NYU), Marie-Ange Moreau (Lyon) and Evert Verhulp (Amsterdam). We are asking members of the global labour law community to recommend colleagues for the Award. The institutional members of the LLRN (i.e. the labour law research centres) are also invited to make their recommendations. Please send all proposals to Margreet Kroon,, no later than October 30, 2014.

Kind regards,

Evert Verhulp, on behalf of the LLRN Award Nominations Committee

professor of labour law / director

Faculty of Law/ Hugo Sinzheimer Institute

University of Amsterdam

+31 20 525 3400

+31 6 13737624


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