«Plataformización»: encuentro en Burdeos 11-13 de mayo

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Con un nuevo término en el diccionario se inicia la difusión de un encuentro en la Universidad de Burdeos sobre la cuestión de si las nuevas formas de empleo implican (o no) nuevas formas de organización. Claramente se trata de un tema multidisciplinar, donde probablemente aparezcan los términos más nuevos, como el avatar o el multiverso, junto a otros ya más conocidos como el algoritmo opaco o el código fuente. Se indica la dirección donde debe realizarse el registro telemático. Habrá traducción simultánea al inglés y el francés.

Dear colleagues,
We are very pleased to inform you that a conference will be held on 11,12,13 May 2022 in Bordeaux on : Platformisation of work: new forms of employment, new forms of organisation? You will find attached the programme and the poster of the event. Registration is free but compulsory (before 8 May) and can be done online on the sciencesconf website:

The objective of this multidisciplinary (law, economics, sociology) and comparative international conference is to report and discuss the results obtained in the framework of a research project whose aim was to study the simultaneous evolution of forms of work, company organisation and market regulation in sectors ‘disrupted’ by the collaborative economy. This research project on forms of collective mobilisation in the face of the platform economy was financed by the Drees-Mire.

Technological changes are making new forms of employment and new business models possible. But the viability of these transformations is itself conditioned by the law and institutions regulating work and markets in the sectors affected. The aim was to study the effects of this new economy on employment, forms of work and organisations; to examine the competitive dynamics and to construct typologies of business models of the companies involved in the selected sectors; to evaluate the transformations of labour regulation at the national, European and international levels, and to analyse the modes of mobilisation, collective action and the search for alternative solutions in cooperation by economic and social actors.

This colloquium will be an opportunity to try to take the measure of what is really new in the formalisation of work and which supposes new tools, techniques and concepts from an analytical, regulatory and institutional point of view.
All the colloquim will be translated in french and in english
We hope that the conference programme will attract your attention and will be an opportunity to discuss the transformations of work and organisations.

Best regards

For the team
Isabelle Daugareilh
Directrice de Recherche au CNRS
Université de Bordeaux / FRANCE 
00 33 / (0)5 56 84 85 43 / 42

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